27 April

A roadtrip to Haryana II :The wedding unforgettable.

We’re entering the Telanwali Village near Hisar, Haryana. I can already feel the play of idiosyncrasy of culture to the warm enthusiasm in the air. As I’m driving further, children are running behind my car, people are curiously looking at me. I felt utterly special with the warm welcome by my villagemen.

I stopped my car in front of our Kothi and rushed inside to hug my aunt. She got astonished as I came from behind and she held me tight. She looked at me and her eyes got more brighter than ever, as we met after a long time.

Everyone gathered in the varanda to greet me and I realised I’m in Haryana when a big glass of lassi was offered to me. My cousin welcomed me again with a list of plans we’ve to execute on his wedding.

The Journal Log #3 @Haryana Road Trip: Home Sweet Home. It’s night time, I’m all exhausted after the long 6 hour road trip but still my excitement for the wedding day is no less. Let’s see what Haryana has brought for me this time. Goody Night :)

In every corner of house people are celebrating the occasion in their own way. Women are all dressed up in traditional lehangas and heavy ornaments, while they are dancing on the folk songs accompanied with the beat of Dholak.
Everyday, different rituals with small functions were organised by the family like, Khichai, Ratijka, Haldi and much more till the day of ‘Barat Nikasi’. In ‘Barat Nikasi’, the groom departs for the wedding venue while riding on a horse. Groom is accompanied by friends and family members with loud chaos of different musical instruments and decorative lights.

I also accompanied my brother, ‘The Groom’ in the Barat. We danced wildly and hooted till our eardrums were incapable of recognizing any voice. Reaching to wedding venue, the whole barat was welcomed by the family of bride with an open heart. Wedding ritual began at 7 in the evening. Various rituals were performed such as Seha, Chawal chadhana, Toran and Varmala took place. Then all these rituals were followed by Arti, Hathlewa, Gajoa and Satphere.
Between all these different-colorful rituals, “Satphere’ is my favourite where bride and groom make seven encirclements of the holy fire accompanied by a promise for life.

Later on, the wedding ceremony is followed by ‘Kanyadan’.One of the most sacred rituals in Hindu tradition where the parents of the bride earn blessings of God for giving away their daughter to their son-in-law, to start the next phase of life and be the backbone of next generations..

It was a long tiring night and it was dawn, when wedding ceremony came to an end. My cousin is officially married now! We waited till the morning and with the ritual of, ‘Vidai’ we brought my ‘Bhabhi’ aka sister-in-law home.

With this we came to an end of the whole ceremony and family gathering. We celebrated the arrival of our ‘Bhabhi’, cousin’s wife. A sweet new addition in the family and with this my trail to Telanwali came to an end.

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