27 April

A roadtrip to Haryana I :A Journey from City Lights to Rural-hood

How a reason to attend wedding turned into a roadtrip to Haryana

I was looking at my traditionals in my wardrobe wondering if I’ll get a chance to try them on soon or not, when suddenly I got a phone call straight from my hometown. It was my cousin and he was getting married, and I knew it was just another chance for a ‘Peppy Road Trip’!

Hi Guys! Your Peppy Traveller is back with a new adventure to Haryana!

I threw my luggage in the boot of my SX4, and I was all set for a road trip. So, we’re going to Haryana from Delhi. We began the journey early in the morning to avoid ‘The Delhi Traffic’ as it was a Sunday Morning.

While Delhi is full of places to hangout and party, but sometimes you feel like that you need a break. Honestly, road trips does have a lot to keep you intrigued and also helps you to escape from daily routine. As I’m driving through the busy lanes of Delhi, I’m getting the vibes that this trip is going to be my one of the memorable ones.

The Journal Log #1 @Haryana Road Trip
As I’m leaving the city lights and modern lifestyle behind, I can already feel the lightness in the air. We’re on the outskirts of “Dil-walon ki Dilli” and heading toward the state where I belong to. Oh, the colourful culture is calling me, and I rushed to the 4th gear of my car.
As I feel the cold morning breeze on my face, my heart is also pounding with emotions of happiness and excitement. My mischievous mind is already making plans to annoy my cousins, how I’ll greet my relatives and of course, how I’ll run away from the Rishtas my relatives will be planning to offer me.

We realised that we’re on the border of NCR and about the enter the state of Haryana. We had a chit chat with the toll-man, and we just accomplished another step to our destination, Haryana.
As we headed further, the temperature began to rise, and we were thirsty. So, we decided to look up for ways to smother our thirst.

And finally, we found a village man, selling sugarcane juice on the roadside. You will find many vendors once you hit the National Highway number 10. After having some refreshing sugarcane juice, we even discussed all the health benefits of sugarcane juice.

While, the best part of all, it’s lemon-mint flavour with a pinch of salt leaves a refreshing feeling, and we were set to continue the journey. I tried my hands in squeezing out some sugarcane juice and offered to Jassi. He was one lucky chap, I must say!

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